Occasional Residents

The club is also blessed with some great singers, who, because of distance, work or other commitments, cannot attend the club on a regular basis. Nonetheless, their contributions are always very welcome.

Pete and Trish Watkinson: Pete and Trish have been mainstays of the Portsmouth folk scene for far too many years for them to admit to. Both were heavily involved with Fieldworks (Mick Ryan's folk opera company which did "All in a Day's Work" and "The Voyage"). Pete is also a member of "The Portsmouth Shanty Men" as well as a fine solo singer and guitarist who performs around the country (and also sings with Victory Morris).
Trish has a lovely voice and a fine collection of songs.

Pete Luscombe: Yet another member of the famous Portsmouth Shantymen, Pete probably knows every good folk song that has been, or will ever be, written. A brilliant singer, alone or with in any combination of groups (he duets with John Bartlett as Whole-Hearted), being a member of Victory Morris, he is also responsible for organising their "sings".