Our Guest list

The club has been running for over 50 years, and in that time has been host to a veritable horde of superb guests. Here, in no particular order, is an incomplete list of those artistes who have provided so much brilliant entertainment at Chichester Folk Song Club over the intervening years since our inception:

Dave Burland              Bill Caddick                Joseph Topping
Anne Lister                Roy Harris                 John Spires
Roger Wilson            The Coppers                Derek Brimstone
Strawhead                Hughie Jones              Beggars Velvet
Grace Notes             Alistair Anderson        The House Band
Martin Carthy          Barron-Brady               Herbie Flowers
Bread and Roses      Peter Bellamy               Brian Peters
George Belton         Cockersdale                  Barry Dransfield
Enda Kenny             Quicksilver                  Witches of Elswick
Lynne Heraud          Pat Turner                   Les Barker
Dave Webber         Anni Fentiman              Johnny Collins
Jez Lowe               Dave Goulder                Dave Swarbrick
Chris Wood           Keith Kendrick             Kathryn Tickell
Roger Watson       Last Night's Fun          Tim Van Eyken
Tich Frier              Graham Moore             Steve Tilston
Miriam Backhouse   Tim Laycock              Martyn Wyndham-Read
Tom McFarland      Cosmotheka               Sultans of Squeeze
Crows                    Lee Collinson               Portsmouth Shantymen
Mick Ryan             Pete Harris                 Maria Barton
Shep Wooley        John Connelly              Shirley & Dolly Collins
George Wilson      Sid Kipper                   Jim & Lynette Eldon
Tom McConville     Pete Coe                     Damien Barber
Bill Whaley           Dave Fletcher             Pete Morton
Maggie Boyle        Mike Wilson               Jeff Warner
Jim Bainbridge      Fay Heild                  Spiers & Boden
The Bad Pennies   Mike Waterson          Jill Pidd
Askew Sisters       Vin Garbutt              Bryony
Gordon Tyrrall      Sara Grey                 Paul Openshaw
Wholehearted      Three's Company       Pete Watkinson
Cantorus               Paul Downes              Mick Groves
Peta Webb              Ken Hall                   Curate's Egg
Paul Metsers         Life and Times          Mike Nicholson
Ewan McColl        Peggy Seeger            Coope, Boyes & Simpson  
Ramskyte      Jane Threlfall & Carl Hogsden     The Threlfalls
Belshazzer's Feast    Going down Fighting        Suntrap          
Serious Kitchen         Grant Baynham                Artisan
Amazing Mr Smith             Mike Silver            Derek Gifford
Hugh & Tony Williams    Pint and Dale              Cold Iron
Judy Cook            Barrie and Ingrid Temple   The Kipper Family
Tom Bliss                 Hen Party                        Robin Laing
Hilary Spencer         Mrs Ackroyd                   David Ferrard
Steve Turner          Dave &Toni Arthur          Lady Maisery
Stanley Accrington          Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts
Fay Hield (with Rob Harbron & Sam Sweeney) Bob Woods
Doug Hudson Mike O'Connor & Barbara Griggs
Sarah McQuaid                 Peter & Barbara Snape                      
Colum Sands                    John Kelly(Harmonium Hero)      
Alan Burke                            Nic Jones             Johnny Silvo              
Hissyfit                         Nick Dow             Malcolm Gibbons 
Gary & Vera Asprey       Pete Burnham & Sheila Moseley
Winter Wilson                Judy Cook            James Findlay 
Craig:Morgan:Robson       David Gibb & Elly Lucas
Andrew Mackay and Caroline Etherton        Trevor Clewson    
Dave Jolly              Jody Kruskal          Scoldsbridle
Downes, Bradley & Downes         Moirai        The Mighty Quinns
Chris Green & Sophie Matthews       Reg Meuross         Dan McKinnon
Dovetail Trio      The Mighty Quinns      Dave Jolly     
Risky Business     Kit Howes & Aaron Catlow       The Mile Roses
James Patterson     Cosgrave & Banks      Jackie Oates      
Jim Causeley     Stan Graham        The Georgia Lewis Trio
Tell me who I've missed.

"In our 'umble opinion, we believe Chi Folk Club to be one of the finest in the country. Why ?

Great venue, good singers and musicians, an intelligent and supportive audience, real ale and experienced organisation." 

"Thanks for the £10 note. Love, Strawhead"

"Chichester Folk club is fantastic! Thanks to Marilyn and Kerry for a supersonic gig."(unsolicited testimonial from Mike O'Connor after a brilliant night from himself and Barbara, May 2011)

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